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Employees' Welfare Board

Grievance redressal policy is the procedure provided by employer to employee so that they can vent out the issue or complication they face and to get a proper solution to this. Employees can lodge the complaint as per the procedure and solution is provided to this by senior authority as per policy so that a healthy working environment is followed out. In the present scenario of competition, employees are the assets of the Corporation. For efficient working and smooth functioning of Corporation, it is important to see to the problems of the employees and also create a healthy environment with good working culture.

Employees face multiple issues in their day-to-day working life, some of them are personal and other are in general terms. The issues have to be recognized, acknowledged and solved to keep the morale of the employees high. The purpose of the welfare Board is to create an alternative mechanism for issues/problems/grievances to be quickly and smoothly solved, to the satisfaction of employees. The main objective of Employees’ Welfare Board is to fill the gap between all employees from Depot Manager to Shramiks/Drivers/ Conductors. Success of a depot depends on the team that’s created by all. The structure and mechanism of Employees’ Welfare Board shall be utilized to create a strong team in each unit to achieve higher performance.

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